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Founded in 2016, Webbengine is affiliated with major career sites which gives out the ability to operate in all 50 states in the Unites States in our first year.

WebbEngine is an online employment application system connecting job seekers and employers to accomplish their needs.

Our mission is to help College graduates and Unemployed Professionals, and those who are looking for a career change face the challenge of the job market. We reach out,Coach, and Train. 

College Students and College graduates often have the willingness to find a job, but due lack of proper resources cannot find the right employers. Unemployed Professionals often do not know where to go to apply for the right job. Employers often due to lack of resources have to go to Universities to reach out to potential candidates. We believe that is where WebbEngine is important. Having a repertory with all potential candidates information where employers can search by location, and experiences is  Webbengine Core business value.

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